Shimano Aero X5 Feeder Rods

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Introducing the Shimano AERO X5 Feeder Rods.  The AERO X5 Feeder range includes rods for all types of feeder fishing. From short range work on small stillwaters to large method feeder fishing at extreme distances on large venues.

Shimano AERO X5 Feeder Rod Range

Available March 2020

The Shimano AERO X5 Feeder Rod range is Shimanos newest range of fishing rods.  The AERO X5 Feeder range covers all feeder fishing situations and the rods are perfectly suited to competition fishing.

The Shimano AERO X5 Feeder rods are all made from XT60 + HPC + NANO blanks making them very lightweight yet ultra-strong.  Shimanos rod building prowess and expertise has helped them create a range of near perfect feeder rods.

In the AERO X5 Feeder Rod range you have first of all the 10ft 'Finesse Feeder' - perfect for smaller still waters and canal type venues.  Then you have the Precision Multi Feeder which is a good all round rod ready to adapt to changing venues.  Then you have the Distance Feeder rods, capable of launching standard size feeders considerable distances.  And finally you have the Distance Power and Distance Heavy Power feeder rods which are the biggest in the range and designed for casting heavy feeders and method balls at long range for large carp.

The AERO X5 Feeder rods all feature super light seaguide XOG anti-tangle guides for hassle free fishing.  A Shimano DPS reel seat to keep your reel locked and secure and finished off with Cork plus EVA handles.  The feeder rods also all come with 3 interchangeable quiver tips. 

Whatever your feeder fishing style or needs - the AERO X5 Feeder range has a rod for you!

Shimano AERO X5 Feeder Rods Specs
  • Light, responsive and strong XT60 + HPC + NANO blanks
  • Range covers all feeder styles from Commercial match carp methods through to ultra long range feeder fishing
  • Super Light seaguide XOG anti-tangle guides
  • Shimano DPS reel seat
  • All feeder rods comes with 3 interchangeable carbon quiver tips
  • cork plus EVA handle
  • Precision feeder rods and float rods have single leg intermediate guides, distance feeder rods have large diameter double leg guides for increased casting performance and strength


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