Guru Fusion Q-Case

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The Guru Fusion Q-Case has been expertly designed for the feeder fisherman with a lot of spare quivertips.  The simply designed, but strong and hardwearing case is able to store and organise up to 100 spare quivertips.
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Guru Fusion Q-Case for Storing Quiver Tips

The Guru Fusion Q-Case has been perfectly designed for keeping your delicate quiver tips safe and secure as well as organised and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  The simply designed but perfectly engineered case is well suited to keeping a large collection of expensive quiver tips free from damage.

The Guru Fusion Q-Case is a hard case that’s made from a super strong reinforced polymer that ensures your tackle stays safe.  The Q-Case can hold up to 100 tips neat and securely in it’s doubled sided compartments.  The Guru Fusion Q-Case is 77cm long - long enough for all your quiver tips.

Inside, the Guru Fusion Q-Case features elasticated straps to keep your quiver tips secure and net pockets in the base to prevent tips banging against each other.  The Q-Case also features full length for quick access and is designed to fit in the Fusion Rod Holdall's inner pocket but can also be used as a standalone case.

Guru Fusion Q-Case Features

  • Hard case protection for quiver tips
  • Made from super strong reinforced material to ensure expensive quiver tips won’t be damaged
  • Holds up to 100 quiver tips
  • Inside height measures 77cm, long enough for all quiver tips
  • Deluxe, two-sided carry case and storage systems
  • Elasticated straps to keep tips separated and organised 
  • Full length zip opening for easy access
  • Designed to fit inside Fusion Rod inner pocket
  • Pockets at the base of the case prevent quiver tips rattling against each other


I really love all the fusion luggage, have to get it all haha. The fusion q-case is perfect for my feeder fishing and keeps all my tips nice and safe plus it fits in my fusion rod bag perfectly. Another top Guru product
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