MAP Compact Slider Keepnet 2.5m

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The MAP Compact Slider Keepnet is an innovative new net designed to adapt to different venues and fishing situations.
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Compact Slider Keepnet from MAP

MAP's new Compact Slider Keepnet is designed to transform how keepnets are utilised on both commercial and natural venues.  First off, match anglers are now catching much more fish on commercial fisheries and during matches.  A lot of matches and waters impose rules on how much weight can be kept in a keepnet, meaning anglers have to use multiple nets.  The MAP Compact Slider Keepnet features an innovative designed that allows you to slide the net fitting around the top ring to create a more compact net should you need to fit more on a keepnet bar.  The Map Compact Slider Keepnet allows anglers to change how they use the net depending on the venue they are fishing.

The Map Compact Slider Keepnet is made from a tough and hard wearing Black Carp Mesh and features reinforced bottom rings which are also pull through.  The 2.5m Compact Slider Keepnet has a top ring size of 50cm x 40cm.

  • Unique sliding tilt fitting
  • Can be used as a compact or traditional keepnet
  • Black carp mesh
  • Length 2.5m
  • Reinforced bottom rings
  • Pull through bottom rings
  • Easy storage in stink bags
  • Top ring size 50cm x 40cm

I bought 3 of the Map Compact Slider Keepnets as I do a lot of match fishing and they are perfect for my type of setup. Definitely recommend these bad boys.
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