Pike Fishing Article

Now that it is feeling much more wintery my attentions turn to pike. I really look forward to my pike fishing each year. One of the reasons I enjoy fishing for pike so much is the fact you can target pike with so many different methods. Feeling a pike hit my lure, watching my drop off indicator fall, or watching a pike float slide away…it’s all very exciting stuff!

I did manage one more day trying to catch zander before the pike rods got dusted down, on a trip to the mighty Grafham water with fishing buddy Jed. As per usual the zander where playing hard to get, with only a few perch to around 2lb 8oz to our name by the afternoon; I was more than pleased when I slipped a 10lb 3oz zander in the net literally on my last cast of the day.

I may have mentioned before that fishing large pits from the bank, legering deadbaits is a type of pike fishing I really enjoy. Not knowing what may pick up my bait is what makes it more interesting for me. I enjoyed a few trips to some smaller pits last winter but found after a few sessions repeat captures soon started happening and it was time to move on.

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